Self-guided Trail of Molten Land

**Self-guided Trail of Molten Land** Take a self-guided hike on a paved 1 mile loop trail that meanders through a lava flow. Interpretive signs display information about features of Lava Butte, the lava flow, and local flora & fauna. The first section of this trail is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. A spur trail to a viewpoint and the lower loop portion of the trail isn't accessible due to narrow and steep trail conditions. For safety, stay on the trail and use caution. (~45 min. to 1 hour)

Visitor Center Exhibit Room

**Visitor Center Exhibit Room** In small groups of no more than 15-20 students plus adults rotating through, explore the exhibit room to learn about Newberry Volcano, it's history, geology, and local Native Americans who lived in the area. (~15-30 min.)

Self-guided Trail of Whispering Pines

**Self-guided Trail of Whispering Pines** Hike on a 0.3 mile paved & accessible pathway through a Ponderosa pine forest and along the edge of the lava flow. (~10-15 min.)

Extra Time

**Extra Time** Make sure you have a little more time for activities you really enjoy, shopping in the bookstore, using the restrooms, and/or having a snack at the picnic tables. (~15 min.)

Lava Butte (limited access)

***Interested in visiting the top of Lava Butte?*** Drives to the top of Lava Butte are **limited to private vehicles with a parking permit** (school buses are too long for turn around at the top parking lot). Student groups may only be driven to the top of Lava Butte if the 30 min. parking permits are available (availability is limited and not guaranteed at your group's arrival time). Lava Butte parking permits are obtained upon arrival at the Welcome Station. **In the Summer, there is no private vehicle access to Lava Butte. Visitors may access Lava Butte by riding the Shuttle for a fee** (Exact cash required or use TouchPass app to pay with QR code), or you may walk up and down the road but use extreme caution around blind curves. Additionally select the **Extended hiking time** and **Extra time** options if you plan to walk. (~45 min. for drive w/ parking permit, ~ 1 hr & 15+ min. if hiking)

Extended hiking time

**Extended hiking time** Allow extra time for hiking on trails near the Visitor Center, or for hiking up and down the road to the top of Lava Butte. If walking the road up to Lava Butte, please use caution as there are blind curves with private cars or the Shuttle driving on the narrow road.(~15-30 min.)